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Queen’s Peak Condo Price List

Here are the unit sizes and price list for Queen Peak Condo.

Last Updated : 2nd April 2020

 TypeSizeNett Price
1 + 1 BedroomFULLY SOLD
2 BedroomB2775 sqft$1,529,250
B3807 sqftFULLY SOLD
3 BedroomC1947 sqftFULLY SOLD
C2861 sqftFrom $1,681,000
C3840 sqftFrom $1,641000
C4850 sqftFrom $1,659,000
C5936 sqftFrom $1,754,000
C6807 sqftFULLY SOLD
C71,001 sqftFrom $1,847,000
C81,055 sqftFULLY SOLD
4 BedroomD11,507 sqft$2,585,000
5 BedroomE12,002 sqftFrom $3,271,000
PenthousePH1 / PH24,628 - 4,768 sqftFrom $7,869,000


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